Flexible Product Development Consulting and Training Services

Training and consulting in Flexible Product Development will help your company be more competitive against smaller, more nimble competitors by reducing the delay, waste, and risk of leading new product innovations.

Specifically for flexible product development, we offer three options: assessment, Implementation, and training.


Using proprietary consulting techniques, we assess how flexible your product development is today and recommend where it could be improved to your benefit. We look at performance on selected past projects to discover where the disruption is and what it is costing you. We investigate queues and typical bottlenecks to understand how easily you could respond to change.

Our assessment results in opportunities for improvement that either you can implement yourself or with our assistance.


Although the flexibility techniques work together to mutually support each other, it is often easier to implement each one using a pilot of its technique on a small project where results can be seen quickly. We follow a momentum-building implementation style developed by Robert Schaffer. We support improvement with metrics so that you can see the value gained.

Because enduring organizational improvement starts with individuals and teams and often requires significant readjustment of organizational values, we remain sensitive to these areas throughout.

Training and workshops

We offer full training in flexible product development techniques through a two-day workshop that includes a running case study to practice the techniques. You not only learn the techniques, but just as importantly, you assimilate the underlying style of flexibility, such as delaying decisions until the last responsible moment or methodically pruning your alternatives so that you always have a fallback position—and normally several such positions.

Public workshops have been attended by employees from companies around the world to learn flexible development methods and how to apply them.  Workshops have been conducted in cities such as Atlanta, USA; Beaverton, Oregon, USA; Worcester, Massachusetts, USA; London; Göteborg, Sweden; Shanghai; Hong Kong; Kuala Lumpur; Bangalore; Mumbai; and Delhi.  Contact us to see where upcoming workshops are planned.

In-house workshops are also available, which have advantages over the public ones:

Please see the workshop brochure, the or contact us to learn more about any of these services.